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In-Home Cooking Classes

New!  Virtual Cooking Classes only $19.99! 

Cook with Chef Wessely LIVE on Zoom
Bring this executive chef into your kitchen and cook alongside him as he shows you how to make some of his most delicious holiday side dishes sure to make you a hero at your next dinner party. 

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Hands-On In-Home Culinary Party Classes  

$1,000 (all-inclusive, up to 8 guests)

(Due to the pandemic, in-person classes are currently suspended)

Perfect Sushi Rolls 101 - Become a master sushi chef in one night!  Chef Wessely teaches you all the basics from mastering perfect sushi rice to conquering 3 basic rolling styles using healthy veggies and/or delicious imitation-crab.  By the end of the night, you will be ready to host your very own sushi party.  Warning Disclaimer:  Side effects include, but are not limited to: the sudden increase of dinner guests, a healthier culinary lifestyle, and/or jealous out-of-town-friends who couldn't make your dinner party, but rather just drooled over your Facebook pictures of your culinary masterpieces. 

Soft Rolls, Pretzel Buns, and Pizza Doughs, oh my! - So you like bread, but hate the complications of waiting for it to rise?  Well if so, you are in the right place.  This class will transform you into a master baker in just one evening.... inevitably transforming your entire life as you know it!   Using just one basic recipe, Chef Wessely will train you to create delicious herb & oil soft rolls, buns, and even soft pretzel wrapped hot dogs and pizza. Oh, and the best part, you DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT TO RISE.  Crazy, but true.  Now you can whip up delicious dinner rolls 5 minutes prior to sitting down to eat. Seriously, this recipe makes everything and then some.  Past students claimed, â??...the rolls themselves was well worth the cost of this entire class...amazing!"  You will wow your friends, significant other, and family at your next dinner party. 

Tropical Mahi-Mahi with Lime-Cilantro Salsa, Coconut Infused Rice and a Reduced Butter-Rum Sauce:  Chef Wessely is bringing the tropics to you in this Hawaiian inspired dish.  You will experience flavors only found in upscale resorts in paradise.  From pan to plate, Chef Wessely will train you to master this dish, perfect your sauce-work, and become a sensation at your next dinner party.

Pan-Seared salmon over a bed of seasoned wilted spinach and wild rice, accompanied with asparagus and baby carrots, served with your choice of sauce:  a caper-infused olive oil or a traditional beurre blanc sauce.  This dish is light, healthy, and delicious.  And the best part?  It is amazingly fast and simple.  Sign up and prepare to amaze your friends and family with your new culinary skills.  Your stomach and your social life will thank you. 

Ultimate Sliders: 4 themed slider burgers on toasted brioche buns: 1. Asian Slider, topped with peanut Thai Slaw.  2. Mexican Slider with chili con queso and fresh pico de gallo.  3. Ultimate Olive Slider, melted Swiss topped with a delicious olive aioli.  4. All American Slider, cheddar and bacon, dill-slaw, topped with a fried egg.  For sides, we will make homemade baked beans that will knock your socks off paired with a fantastic warm summer salad with sauteed Vidalia onions, summer greens, blue cheese, and pecans. 

Roasted Root-Veg en Croute (Vidalia, parsnip, rutabaga, carrot), Rosemary-garlic Hasselback potatoes, sauteed spheres of summer squash & zucchini, mustard-seed beurre blanc, Fine Herbs.  These amazing French-culinary vegetarian applications are sure to make you the hit at your next dinner party!

Salmon en Croute.  Learn how to prepare an airy puff pastry stuffed with Atlantic salmon, wilted spinach, and Portobello mushrooms.  Paired with a delicious dill-cream Sauce and sauteed spheres of summer squash & zucchini. 

Indian - Hyderabadi Biryani.  Think paella, but with Indian spices.  Slow cooked lamb and Basmati rice, with a plethora of Indian spices and herbs in a pot.  We'll also make a traditional green-curry sauce and a yogurt chutney to add to the total Indian experience, encouraged to eat with your hands! 

Sauce Work!  It is all about the sauce here.  Learn how to perfect some of amazing sauces.  Understanding that a sauce is what can transform a good dish into a great one, after this class, you will take your culinary skills up by a million points.  Choose 4 sauces: a traditional beurre blanc, a coconut and rum-butter reduction, caper infused olive oil, a rich Alfredo sauce, Bourbon BBQ sauce, Blueberry-Balsamic Reduction, and/or a simulated demi-glace.  Paired with salmon, chicken breast, flank steak, rice, and/or angel hair pasta.

Traditional Japanese Tonkatsu - Enjoy this 3-course authentic menu as Chef Wessely teaches you how to make an authentic Japanese dish.  Do not worry, the class is taught in English, but be ready to learn some Japanese words and phrases throughout the night.  Find yourself immersed into the culture when you sip green tea and nibble on an o-senbei cracker as the chef goes over culinary history of Japan.  Learn where to buy the ingredients and how to identify them. Then, get hands-on as you use the "standard breading procedure" to bread pork cutlets, shallow fried them, and serve them over Japanese rice, drizzled with a delicious tonkatsu sauce.  You will also help prepare the traditional sides, including Japanese pickled cucumber salad and miso soup.  For the last course, enjoy the sweet, cold treat of mochi ice cream.  

The Perfect smoked Ribs.   Served with beans, mac n' cheese, and an out of this world broccoli salad.  Special smokers not needed here.  Chef Wessely will show you how to get the best smoked ribs, using a combination of an oven and a charcoal grill, yielding in a fall-off-the-bone tenderness with a crisp, charred outside.

Culinary Skills & Knife Training 101 - Let us get down to basics.  Learn all about your French knife along with examples of others and what they do.  From how to sharpen your knife to how you hold it.  We will learn to cut, chop, and dice just like the pros.  We will cover basic food science knowledge, mother sauces, and culinary terminology.  We will also learn to fabricate (de-bone and cut) a whole chicken.  You will then use the "standard breading procedure" to make Chicken Cordon Bleu!  By the end of the class, you'll not only have composed a wonderfully delicious meal for yourself to enjoy, but you'll also walk away with new culinary knowledge and skills you can use for the rest of your life.  Note:  Chef Wessely will try to pack in his whole 3-year culinary degree into this short class, so come hungry for food and knowledge because you'll get your fill in both!

Authentic Mexican Tacos - Come for a sneak peek and try the amazing and authentic tacos Chef Wessely has created!  Grilled flank steak tacos with pinto beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, Mexican rice, guajillo chili sauce, and fresh tomatillo salsa.  Truly Enhance your "taco night" by learning how to create that authentic flavor south of the boarder!

Californian Fish Tacos - This class will feature California-style fish tacos, boasting breaded and fried mahi mahi, served with a mango-radish salsa and chipotle-chile aoli.  No taco meal is complete with these amazing side-dishes:  pico de gallo, refried beans, and guacamole.  Come join in the fiesta, just don't forget to bring your appetite.

St. Paddy's Irish Cuisine - Let us celebrate together with a fine Irish meal in fine celebration.  We'll learn how to make corned beef from scratch, brew up a malty Guinness stew, bake some fresh beer-bread, and a whip up a roasted root-veg mash called the, "Clap-shot" (think mashed potatoes and horseradish).  

Chef Wessely's top 5, must-have Holiday Appetizers   - Come join Chef Wessely as he shares his family traditions and flavors for the holidays.  He'll feature the top apps that makes it to his family's table every year.  Super easy to make and amazingly delicious!  The top 5 are:   Brie en Crute, Yam Casserole Shooters, coconut shrimp with spicy marmalade, tomato - goat cheese flat bread, Lox and Capers with crostini, Japanese tonkatsu, "hanky-pankies", Frank's Kielbasa, Herb and Oil Bread Rolls, pomegranate guacamole,  Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, ....

Sushi Roll Fun - Chef Wessely is excited to teach you how to roll 3 popular sushi rolls:  The tempura-battered fried Philly, an inside-out spicy tuna, and his signature tropical shrimp tempura roll with a pineapple-cilantro salsa and a rum-butter reduction sauce.  (sushi 101 is a prerequisite)

The Perfect Steak: Prepare to be amazed as the chef shows you how to up your Steakâ??s A-game.  Disclaimer, you may never settle for going to an expensive steakhouse again.  Chef Wessely will cover the food science behind pre-salting and reverse searing, two amazing tricks that most steakhouses do not even employ (but they should).   Served with a baked potato and roasted brussels sprouts.  Chef will also show you how to make a quick and easy delicious sauce to accompany your steak. 

House-made Fettuccine Alfredo.  From ingredients to plate, Chef Wessely will teach you how to make and cut fresh fettuccine noodles, prepare a delectable alfredo sauce, compose a properly dressed salad, and bake house-made butter-garlic bread.  Nothing beats homemade.  Be sure to come hungry!

Brick-Oven Pizza - Learn how to make fresh pizza dough and pizza sauce.  On the menu: Pizza Margherita, sausage and goat cheese with a balsamic drizzle, and a traditional pepperoni pie.

Oven and Sheet Pans:  Learn how to maximize your oven's potential while reducing dishes and cleanup time. Learn chef's secret on how he makes hosting parties a breeze.  Menu:  brie en crute, served with seasonal pears.  Baked wild-caught Atlantic salmon with caper-infused olive oil, caramelized carrots, Brussels sprouts, and roasted red skin potatoes.

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